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After a lifetime of support and comfort from our parents, the tables have turned: now we Baby Boomers are the ones agonizing over our loved ones’ health and welfare. Are they eating properly, taking their meds, feeling lonely or overwhelmed? Such worries are an epidemic among us Baby Boomers. Sometimes seniors try to hide their struggles from their children; sometimes we may be overlooking their challenges until it reaches a tipping point.

There is no perfect time to move homes. But when a fall, injury or illness happens suddenly, decisions can be made in haste, with high emotions, often resulting in later regrets or frustrations. To avoid these pitfalls, whenever the need arises, we hope you’ll contact us to guide your loved one’s move to senior living.

We’re Here To Help

With so many licensed senior assisted living facilities to choose from, how do you go about determining which is the best for your loved one? So many questions need to be answered and the research required to answer them can be an overwhelming task:

  • Is the community well-managed?
  • Is it staffed for the type of care my loved one needs?
  • What is the core philosophy behind the care?
  • What kind of insurance does it accept?
  • What are the living quarters like?
  • Does it offer activities my loved one will enjoy?
  • Is the environment one in which my loved one will feel comfortable, safe, respected, happy, and cared for?

More than a decade ago, Joy Lovinger, founder of Senior Placement Services, was asking herself these very same questions as she faced this challenge on her own. The experience marked a turning point in her personal and professional life and eventually led her to found Senior Placement Services, whose express mission is to help make this kind of critical transition in your family life a more positive one.

What We Will Do For You:

  • Conduct a comprehensive assessment of your loved one’s needs, including physical, mental, and financial state
  • Recommend three communities based on this assessment
  • Follow up on your loved one’s progress in their new community

Senior Placement Services has visited and evaluated every community that we recommend, and we offer our services at no cost to you or your loved ones.

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For no-cost assistance, call Senior Placement Services:
(707) 292-9998 or email us. Fax: (928) 723-3760

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Adrienne M. writes:

Joy Lovinger has helped me with finding a home for my mom. During this stressful time I was able to count on her ability to find the right placement for our family. She is incredibly helpful, knowledgeable, and compassionate. She thinks of everything and is totally professional in her demeanor. She takes the time to show you as many places as needed while making sure you are comfortable and secure with your decision. I have recommended her services to friends and if the need arises I would contact her again.

From Michelle C.:

Joy is an angel. She listened to Dad’s and my concerns, tenderly and skillfully assessed Mom’s needs and provided us with several wonderful choices, ultimately working her magic to place Mom in a truly exceptional board and care home where she is thriving. Our family is blessed to know Joy and to have her guidance through one of life’s difficult decisions.

Alice J says:

Moving my brother-in-law from a health center in Oregon to California was a task I could not do alone. It was Joy’s help and encouragement that gave me with the strength to secure a good place near family. Joy’s pleasant attitude and frequent emails kept me focused on what I had to do. My brother-in-law could not remember the name of his attorney, but Joy’s help led to success in finding the attorney.

From Kimberly:

The prospect of finding assisted living for my grandmother was a daunting task at best. I was not local, unfamiliar with the process, time was of the essence, and I did not want feel I was rushing the decision. Joy was invaluable. She was entirely my and my grandmother’s advocate and figuratively held my hand through the whole deal. She listened to our needs and found many great places for us to consider. She asked all the right questions as I was overwhelmed emotionally and negotiated the best deal with our chosen facility. Her follow up has been beyond expectation; she checks up on my grandmother regularly.

Email from Jewel S.:

Hi Joy, Thank you is not nearly enough to express my appreciation for the time you took yesterday to chat with me about my Grandmother-In-Law and the situation we are facing. Your knowledge and guidance was beyond valuable! I am learning that I will be the generation that will be caring for my children, my parents and my grandparents therefore I know that our paths will cross again in the future!

From Lindsay M.:

I’m writing this to let you know how amazing Joy Lovinger was in helping to place my mother...Had it not been for her professional attentiveness to all that paperwork and details, we perhaps would have chosen another facility for Mom. Not only did she help make the move an easy transition, she kept me informed of Mom’s well-being and looked out for her during those first few weeks. She answered my many phone calls and questions since I had never gone through this process before. Her caring nature and communication skills were invaluable during what could have been a difficult time for my mother and me. She was amazing!

Email forward from Kira:

Kira, Thank you for Joy; she is a prize!! I had no idea I had other options for my mother and it appears there are choices indeed. I liked her and my mother liked her. I have so much more peace of mind and confidence that I can get my mother into a better living situation.

Jeanne writes:

Suzanne is so grateful to both of you for placing her husband with what she calls "angels" because of their compassion and family-like feel. I also want to thank you for giving this sweet woman peace of mind during her husband's last days. She couldn't thank me enough for introducing you to her and your perfect answer for her dilemma with her husband. I hope you both realize what good work you do and the impact it has.

From Colin T.:

It is an absolute pleasure to see Joy in action. From my experiences, it seems Joy’s ability to find proper solutions for those who seek her services are paralleled only by her lovely demeanor and her practically tangible interest in her client’s well-being. Bravo.